The Finnish tax body has applied for the foreclosure of rally star Jari-Matti Latvala’s property for several million euros, Ilta-Sanomat newspapers reports .

According to the newspaper, real estate and cars have been seized from Latvala as security for the payment plan. Latvala confirmed the matter to IS.

The dispute concerns Latvala’s taxation from 2014–2015. According to IS’s information, the tax Collector demands an amount of several million euros from Latvala, and the total balance, including interest, can be as high as EUR 5–6 million approximately 20billion Ugandan shillings.

Latvala and the tax administration still disagree about the living patterns

Since 2009, Latvala has lived in Monaco and has been subject to limited tax liability in Finland. Finnish citizens who have moved abroad permanently are often subject to limited tax liability . A person with limited taxation is taxable in Finland only on income received from Finland.

However, the tax administration is not convinced that the rally star would have lived and worked abroad enough on an annual basis to stay out of income tax.

– Yeah, that’s what happened. I have now been confiscated not only of my real estate but also cars. This came as a surprise to myself, and I have to say that I am also amazed by this solution, Latvala said in an interview.

– On the other hand, it is mainly a routine measure requested by the tax collectors. This is how it often works in such controversial cases.

Latvala says that he has already paid a “substantial amount.

– While the case is pending with the tax collectors and I largely disagree claims, I have done far as possible, payments to show obedience to the case.

– As I told you earlier, the tax authorities have clarified the taxation of several years and the decision of the tax side is now complete. I complained about the tax settlement and the matter is ongoing.

– When disagreeing on the amount of taxes, the tax collectors claims are routinely secured. I have been treated here like anyone in Finland.

– I haven’t done anything illegal. Now, transferring my funds as security for the is an extra hassle for me, which of course doesn’t feel nice. This battle since 2018 has generally felt very heavy. However, I want to get justice, and that is why the matter is continuing.


The tax collector cannot resell the property seized from Latvala until the dispute has been resolved, IS writes.



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