Sunday, September 26, 2021
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2021 MXOAN- Zambia ready to assault Africa from Uganda

A team of 30 Zambian riders has signed up to compete in the continental championship, which was originally scheduled for 2020 but was postponed due to the Covid19 pandemic.

MX riders gear up for MXOAN after a successful 2nd round of the national championship

Pertaining the merger of the MAU faction with the federation for the upcoming MXOAN event as one and stronger team, DVP Motorcycling Kisitu Mayanja stated that the door is open to anyone who wants to return as long as all MAU riders have valid competition licenses.

FIM Africa warns about MXOAN venue rumour mongering as Uganda’s race nears

FIM AFRICA is very saddened to hear of the slanderous rumours that are being spread in the motocross community on the continent, regarding the venue for the 2021 MXOAN. It is important to note that due process will be followed, as has been done over the past 22 years, for any African Continental Championship.

Uganda to get another multi-motorsports arena

Uganda to get another multi-motorsports arenaHapasport understands there's a new project of constructing a multi-motorsports arena kicking off soon, and before 2020 collapses the...

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