Sunday, September 26, 2021
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NRC Madagascar

Mika and Faniry takes the battle to Tanari, Andrianjafy holds the lead tight

It's going to be epic once the Malagasy NRC returns with round 4 at Tanari dubbed Rallye Tour De Tana this weekend.Mika Rasoamaromaka in...

Madagascar’s 18 year Mika Rasoamaromak makes statement in Antsirabe

The 18 year old Mika Rasoamaromaka who started rallying at age of 14 in Madagascar, on Sunday 17th July 2021 walked his talk after winning the Malagasy NRC round 2.

Madagascar’s speed king Andrianjafy returns, eyes continental action

“Last December I had a drive but I did not finish the rally and the car wasn't mine, it was fun just. This year I will be in the Malagasy rally championship, if results will be good maybe I'll be back in Africa next year (2022), but have to find partners and sponsors first,” Matheu told Hapasport.

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