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Bisanirizo Rally Team Ready Up for 2021 season

The team of three crews is not resting at all, rather getting ready to fly come 2021. Comprising of Fred Ssenkumba "a 2WD champion",...

Nasser Kirunda donates rally car to Uganda Co-driving Academy

 The rally and co-driver Nasser Kirunda, has boosted the racers spirits after donating his former Subaru GC8 rally car to Uganda Rally Co-drivers Academy.The...

Uganda to get another multi-motorsports arena

Uganda to get another multi-motorsports arenaHapasport understands there's a new project of constructing a multi-motorsports arena kicking off soon, and before 2020 collapses the...

Amid coronavirus fears, FMU Disputes Pearl Rally Cancellation mail

Hapasport has landed on a mail from Olivier Steveny the FIA sporting coordinator indicating that the Pearl of Africa Uganda rally 2020 which was...

Mafu Mafu gets relief from TK designs and construction Co Ltd

The main sponsors of Mafu Mafu racing team TK DESIGNS & CONSTRUCTION CO Ltd have donated food to the team in response to the...

Charlie Lubega: From Taamale to Quadruple NRC Champion

Charlie Lubega is many things to many people. To some, he is the entertainment guru responsible for transforming Kampala’s nightlife starting with Soul Disco...

Chipper Adams; the champion that never was!

When you ask long time Ugandan rally fans to make a ranked list of the most skilled rally drivers they know, the name Chipper...

Central Motor Club responds to Covid 19 fight, donates items.

One of the club patrons of Central Motor Club Mr Saeed Kakeeto, today Tuesday presented a cheque to the minister of General duties Mary...

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