Kagolo kees is a legal and Motorsports administrator who is born and raised in Jinja – Busoga region.

He’s enthusiastic, hardworking, fast learning and ambitious individual with a track record in Motorsports as he says.

The purpose is to have a positive impact on people that he meets and leave behind a lasting legacy via humour.

Kees says was born into this world with nothing but wants to leave behind something positive in his lifetime and he’s a ex seminarian who only believes in facts, and that’s what defines him.
He joined Motorsports way back in 2011 through MOSAC before joining EMC in 2013.

After joining EMC in 2013 as an ordinary member, In May 2014 he contested for the top position in the club and was given the mandate for 2 years.

However just after 5 months into office, he got engaged in futher studies and business abroad therefore he handed over power to the vice president (The late Mandu Richard working with Nile breweries then)

2016 he contested once again and was given mandate for 4 years which ended last year (2020) in August and then re-elected unopposed for 2021-2024.
Kees says this is his 2nd & last term in office.

The focus will be on these 11 points program this tenure and are;

  1. Implement our strategic plan.
  2. Develop timeline and strategies for potential bond renewal in the club.
  3. Strength working relationships between sister clubs and the federation.
  4. Improve our organisational structure and eveluate outcomes.
  5. Introduction of online platforms for our clubs i.e website (a one stop centre for all drivers club records, history of Motorsports, calendars and all events information etc etc
  6. Undertaking assignments requested by the federation
  7. Demostrating effective pursuit of club’s objectives for both the current tenure and long term.
  8. Advocate for more adequate trainings and symposiums to improve capacity of our club officials and competitors on key matters (Administrative , Safety, Navigation, NCRs )
  9. Essential Structure like a permanent home, properties for the club.
  10. Fight for the club to become self-sustaining with improved operations and engagement in productive activities throughout the tenure by working with members to identify specific needs and concerns. This will entail regular plannings of different sporting and non sporting activities i.e CSRs
  11. Environmental awareness and tree planting given the availability of resources.

And I can’t fail to mention Some of our achievements for the previous tenure;

  1. Managed to cover all club debts.
  2. Safety programs: With the growing safety concerns, i managed to conduct safety trainings for our clubs safety officers even when i was not supported by the concerned safety Head of the previous FMU management.
  3. We volunteered in safety manning of sister clubs and even federation events.
  4. We carried on EMC constitutional amendments to rhyme with the federation constitution and requirements.
  5. During 2018 FMU annual awards ceremony, EMC was recognized as the best organising club for the year 2017.
  6. EMC driver Yassin Nasser became the National rally Champion for season 2019.
  7. EMC driver Samuel Watendwa was the 2WD champion for the season 2019.
  8. EMC driver Jackson Serwanga became the Co-Driver 2WD champion for the season 2019.
  9. We managed to organize a successful rally event 2020.
  10. Lastly we Conducted our elective AGM 2020 in conformity with the FMU constitution.

These are some of the challenges i faced in the previous tenure;

  1. EMC faced a suspension for the season 2018 for breaching FMU constitution.
  2. Limited Financial resources which failed us carry out some of the club activities.
  3. Not being supported by the previous federation whenever we reached them for facilitation in terms of safety.
  4. Clearing all federation debts but they keep on being reflected during financials.