Saturday, October 16, 2021

FIA disclaims Tejveer Rai’s accident report, clears out on progression

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On the 25th of June 2021, day two of the WRC safari rally Kenya, an accident happened in stage 3 kedong 1 that involved a Kenyan participating crew of Tejveer Rai and Gareth Dawe driving a VW Polo R5.

The incident was so severe that the driver (Tejveer Rai) had a back injury as a result of it.

It took a few minutes for Rai to be extracted from the Polo’s wreckage.

Rai was airlifted from the accident site to Nairobi for further evaluation and treatment, but was eventually referred and transported to South Africa.

Soon after, reports surfaced on social media indicating that the FIA, the world’s Motorsport governing body , had conducted investigations on the accident car and obtained some findings on how Volkswagen tempered with car safety in order to reduce weight for performance, and the report FIA has disclaimed is below.

“FIA this morning carried out a comprehensive investigation into Tejveer Rai’s accident yesterday.
It was discovered that Volkswagen in an effort to reduce the weight of the car and make it faster heavily compromised on the quality of the roll cage. The pipe thickness used for fabricating the roll cage was in gross violation of the regulations and requirements of FIA.
It was due to this anomaly and the angle of the car’s landing that the roof collapsed almost entirely on the driver’s side and pushed him down causing the spinal injury.
FIA has marked this incident for a thorough review after the rally is completed and may ban VW from motorsports and impose heavy fines.
More details to follow as we progress..”

To clear the air, FIA confirmed to Hapasport that the widespread report regarding the matter was inaccurate and informed us that, The FIA technical and safety departments are currently gathering information related to the accident of WRC 3 competitor on safari rally Kenya Tejveer Rai and will be carrying out an investigation, as is normally the case on incidents of this nature.
We are aware of unauthorized statements on social media platforms in relation to the matter, which do not reflect information currently available to the FIA.”

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