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Gary Chaynes retains Rallye Bandama title

Gary Chaynes and Romain Comas

The team Orange sponsored crew of Gary Chaynes and Romain Comas beats all odds to win the 47th edition of Rallye Bandama of Ivory not with no ease.

The crew opted to drive a Mitsubishi Evo 9 to the preferred Evo x they usually drive and still paid off with the record 9th Bandama victory for the team!

After day two Gary felt some pressure from Maxime Abondio once his car developed low power issues, and by the end of it, Tino was 30 seconds behind him after 6 stages.
Frederic Nobou had fuel pump issues in stage 4, however, the crew managed to limp up to the service park. Unfortunately, their rally ended prematurely when they were caught up with time before fixing the problem.

Day 3 and last with 5 stages to go, Gary came back stronger and blazing, winning all stages as the closest competitor Tino Abondio lost time too in stage 9 and 10 with a double puncture.
This followed with a broken suspension on stage 11 which was the last, fortunately the crew never gave up and clinched the podium at last.

“We had a good start of day two, but day 3 everything went out of control due to punctures and electricity. We’ve been disappointed with the car but at least we finished Bandama and happy, let’s go with the 22 points. we just want to thank everyone who stood in with the crew” Tino remarked.

Frederic Nobou/Daniel Coulibaly who came back on day 3 for the super rally were troubled again when a loose terrain pulled the car off track and hit a tree only to retire again. “Its not been the best for us, the history of this Bandama will write on me. Retiring two times in one event doesn’t really sound good.

“I feel so bad, we came too fast in the slow right, went off and hit a tree to retire for the second time. It will always be a bad memory for me, let us go and prepare for the next event.
And we would want to welcome international competitors in Rallye Bandama to have this feeling and experience.”

“The federation can do some organisation for them once they reach here and enjoy Bandama. Today we’ve had media of Hapasport and we say thank you so much for promoting Motorsports. And thank you to the federation, crews and sponsors.” added Fredo.

The 47th edition of Rallye Bandama ended in favour of Gary chaynes followed by Tino Abondio co-driven by Hugo Borges Miguel as Barbary Alexandre and Serge Dagnaud completed the podium in 3rd position driving a Peugeot 206.