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Friday, October 30, 2020

Going gets tough, in Bandama rally as Boterill retires in the morning stage

By Robert Nkolo [Rob Styles]

Ivory Coast: As the rally started in the morning of Saturday, Guy Botterill and Simon couldn’t see the first flying finish as their Evo 9 lost power in the stage. “Lost power to fuel pumps we think, we then used the 12v rear light wires to run the car. That got it started but then died again” explained Simon.

So is the ivory Coast champions 2019 Tino Abondio and Miguel Lopes who went off in the bend and broke the radiator plus the fan belts.

Both Botterill and Abondio will restart tomorrow since the regs allow them to do so.

Both Botterill parked aside after car stalled

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