Ivorian champion Abondio and Fredric Nobuo to taste the power of Prototype bodies


The 2019 Ivory Coast champion Maxime “Tino” Abondio will be switching to a lighter body car this year 2021.
Currently, the champion is driving a Mitsubishi Evo 9 which won him the 2019 championship co-driven by Miguel Lopes.

Abondio said the Mitsubishi mirage proto body kit will be in Ivory Coast by March, and would like to debut it in Bandama rally but unfortunately it might land on a crucial moment yet the installation might take a lengthy period.

The kit will be installed with all evolution 9 parts. About the performance of 2021 Abondio said “with the experience of 10 years with my brother Miguel, am sure we will crack jocks in the car and have fun but all in all we shall try to perform”.

Same to Fredric Nobou who is also importing a Ford fiesta proto kit, which will run evolution x engine purchased from the same company. Nobou currently drives a Mitsubishi Evo x which he acquired from team Faulgas in 2019.

Note; that Bandama rally 2021 won’t count as ARC round since it was the only event done on African Rally championship calendar. So CAMS carried the points of year 2020 to 2021 and the championship will resume with Mt Gorilla Rally of Rwanda in March with South African Guy Botaril carrying 25 maximum points.

The Rallye Bandama will start on 12 – 14th March.