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Jackson Sserwanga set sights on 2020 2WD category Championship

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By: Ssemyalo Ibrahim.

Ugandan 2WD driver Jackson Sserwanga wants to be the fastest driver in his category this season vows to win this year’s title after Mbarara win.

Following a tight race and securing a comfortable win in the first round of The NRC in Mbarara Rally, 2WD driver Jackson Sserwanga navigated by Mwambazi Lawrence in a Toyota RunX finished 5th in the overall classification and 1st in 2WD category beating Lubega Ibrahim, Samuel Watendwa and Mwami Watolya.

Thank you for this opportunity, Mbarara rally was a trial event for me as it was my first time to drive a 2WD car. On day 1 we tried to match the speeds of others, the car was very ok and we were a bit calculative because we wanted to get to the Super Special Stage to impress our sponsors but in the long run on day 2 we got issues with the rear shocks around 4 km into the morning section but we tried to go through it up to service park. We maintained our speed and we were able to catch up with the other category drivers & to cover up the lost time in the morning section.” Jackson told Hapasport.

Winning our category was Plus to us because we didn’t expect to win. Our target was a podium finish but luckily enough we won it so it gave us a boost in standings. We made 5th overall maybe I will make a podium overall one day and hopefully we shall maintain it throughout the season. he added.

Jackson is leading 2WD Championship with 20 points trailed by Ibrahim Lubega with 15 points in the same category.

Now that it’s IUEA EMC Jinja Rally 2020 the second event on the NRC calendar, Jackson is set to resume the struggle in the areas of Eastern Uganda in his RunX promising to keep the pace and the winning streak.

“Jinja Rally was my first rally in 2016 organized by MOSAC by then and we finished 9th overall winning the CRC category so Jinja has always been a good venture for me and I believe am ready to perform better than the previous and I hope for a win or a podium in my category and a top 10 overall.
I have seen the roads are quite smooth and I believe I will perform better than before.“

I thank my fans and my mechanics for the great work. We are in final preps and I hope we gonna have a good season especially when our sponsors are on board, We believe our preps are well and we shall win the 2WD championship because last year I was the champion 2WD co-driver and I know the tactics & calculations so I don’t think it will be hard if I have sponsorship. Added Jackson Serwanga. Jackson is sponsored by CHINT Electrical, and St. Francis Jr. School,

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