Monday, October 18, 2021

Karan Patel speaks out on his Frequent DNFs’’

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Baba Maxwell

Selecting the best current rally drivers in the Kenya National rally championship right now is a hard assignment, which eventually attracts ponderous debates. Sometimes, it even paves the way for offensive arguments to take place l know all guys in PDRA-International a famous Motorsport WhatsApp group can relate to it.

As we are currently surrounded by several talented rally drivers this is all a matter of taste. If a list of best rally drivers is to be created, then it has to be based on a determined scale so as to soften things.

Let us not go so deep there. But if we are to talk about the Top 5 driver In KNRC You can’t miss the name of Karan Patel.

Karan Patel pre-event test earlier today

Karan does not need a KNRC Title to validate his greatness. Karan Patel is arguably among the Top 5 And has a potential of winning any Rally now and they’re plenty of evidence of his epic impact on the sport over the few years. Nonetheless, there is a missing piece to his performance of recent__so today Hapasport talked to the young driver about his lack of consistency in the past few months.

“Our DNF’s have been consistent in the last 3 rallies. And there is a reason behind each one”.

Some were by choice in that we decided it was not worth it for us to continue due to the conditions of the rally and the other have been due to some early teething lessons we learn from Karan Patel told Hapasport

He concluded by thanking his fans and sponsors__ Big up to our fans and sponsors, we appreciate you more than you can imagine and we would appreciate your continued support.

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