Thursday, July 29, 2021

KMSF_to name Motor Sports Personality of the Year

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Baba Maxwell

The annual Kenya Motor Sports Federation (KMSF) annual awards will be held tomorrow 11th/ January to recognize the best of the 2019 season including the announcement of the Kenya Motor Sport Person of the last season.

Baldve Chager and co driver Ravi Soni won the Kenya National rally championship 2019 season after walloping his closest rival Carl flash Tundo by 20 points. 

The Annual Award event will be broadcast live by major TV stations in Kenya including NTV,KTN and others…

Previous Motorsport personalties of the Winners;
1960​VRR Preston
1961​VRR Preston
1962​RC Gerrish
1963​PJC Hughes & Peter Taylor
1964​DG Gates & LV Smith
1965​Not awarded
1966​Not awarded
1967​Bharat Bhardwaj
1968​PB Cliff
1969​CK Mehta
1970​Joginder & Vic Preston Jnr.
1971​CK Mehta
1972​VC Preston
1973​CK Mehta
1974​EC Bates
1975​Wade Garis
1977​V Preston Jnr. & JS Lyall
1978​RMG Collinge
1979​S Anthony
1980​ME Doughty
1981​CK Mehta
1982​J Shah & A Khan
1983​D Horsey & D Williamson
1984​AG Thaieth & RG Combes
1985​VS Preston Jrn.
1886​GG Criticos & M Kravos
1987​Ian Duncan
1988​Surinder Thatthi
1989​Mike Kirkland
1990​Patrick Njiru
1991​Sarbi Rai
1992​Hari Chana
1993​ HS Vir
1994​Lee Rose
1996​Patrick Njiru
1997​Jonathan Rotich
1998​Paul Bailey
1999​Gregory Kibiti
2000​Rory Green & Orson Tailor
2001​Glen Edmunds
2002​Anthony Nielsen
2003​Ian Duncan
2004​Sammy Aslam
2005​Carl Tundo
2006​Anthony Nielsen
2007​Baldy Chager
2008​Azar Anwar
2009​Ben Muchemi
2010​Ian Duncan
2011​Aslam Khan
2012​Shivam Vinayak
2013-​Baldev Chager
2014-​Nikhil Sachania
2015-​Jaspreet Chatthe
2016-​Tapio Laukkanen (Finland)
2017-​Manvir Baryan
2018-​Tuta Mionki

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