Sunday, September 26, 2021

Leroy Gomes strikes Michilika to win Sarago Motors rally

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Its been a hard battle between the fiesta, N14 and Evo 9 in Lusaka Zambia in a quest for 2020/2021 championship points.

The Sarago Motors’ sponsored event saw Leroy Gomes co-driven by wife Urshilla Gomes in the Ford fiesta R5, turseling it out with Farook Tickley in the Subaru N14 so tightly, and Kleevan Gomes in the Mitsubishi Evo 9 giving the two crews no chance to sip water.

Three stages to the last checkered flag, Farook Tickley and his co-driver Aneesh Jhavari countered a broken shock to their Subaru N14 in stage 8 and could not start stage 9 forcing the crew to bow out painfully.

Kleevan Gomes and co-driver Sylvia Malilwe held tight the wheels to finish second behind Leroy to tilt their title contention.

Farook Sidique and Pappu Saran of Mamba Racing completed the 3rd podium driving a Subaru Impreza.

Mailes Chulu a lady driver who made her debut as a driver switching the seat with her father Geoffrey Chulu of Blacksmith Racing finished 7th and it was all joy for the crew.

Other event casualties were Kyle Latife, Muyur Patel, Yazdaan Tickley, Crawford Mwinga, Maron Njobvu and Aadil Gelu.

The Sarago Motor rally was the 4th round of Zambia national rally championship and next on the calendar will be the Zambia international rally coming in September on 24-26th in Lusaka.

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