Faniry Rasoamaromaka comes from a rallying family in Madagascar and is the son of active rally driver Herilalaina Rasoamaromaka, also known as “Hery Be.” A determined young Faniry made his rally debut in Madagascar in 2016 driving a Citroen C2 and went on to win the rookie category at the age of 13 years. Hapasport had a one-on-one conversation with Faniry, who expressed his desire to conquer Africa and raise Madagascar’s flag all over the world. This was our interview in a nutshell……..

Hapasport: The readers would like to know who Faniry Rasoamaromaka is and where he got his passion for motorsports from?

Rasoamaromaka Faniry: My name is Rasoamaromaka Faniry, and I am 18 years old. I’ve been infected with the rally virus since I was a child because my father had been doing it for a long time before I was born.

Hapasport ; When was your first event, which car were you driving ?? and how did you find your first event ??

Faniry ; My first event was in 2016 with Citroen c2. It was very good because for my first participation I was the winner of the rookie category. It was a good start for me.

Hapasport ; Recently you acquired a Peugeot and your brother Mika, why did you choose specifically those car brands ??

Faniry ; Yes we acquired a Peugeot 206 WRC and 208 t16 R5. The 208 we had it since last year(2020) because my father (Hery Be ) used it to compete. And about 206 we didn’t know that we were going to buy it, was more an opportunity. Basically I had to do this season 2021 with a Mitsubishi evo x r4 but we had the chance that the Robinson family gave it to us. Once again, many thanks to them for their trust.

Hapasport ; And in the first outing of the Peugeot in ASCAM, how did the event go and how did you perform ??

Faniry ; It was very nice because after the first day I was the leader with the 206. Unfortunately, we couldn’t take the start the next day because the transfer box broke.

Hapasport ; Do you and your brother have a dream of Racing outside Madagascar soon or later like competing for ARC ??

Faniry ; Yes It’s our dream because we want to represent the color of Madagascar flag in Africa and in the world.

Hapasport ; What do you think of Malagasy championship this year and what’s your target?

Faniry ; It will be a good season with a big fight. My principal target for this year is to get much experience. I can’t do a complete season this year because I have to study.

Hapasport ; Lastly …. what’s your message to your fans and sponsors !!

Faniry ; First, I would like to thank my parents because they have always been supporting us. Many thanks also to our preparers Maib’s prepa Christian Rasata, Éric Rasata and Rado Ravelojaona because they have always done an excellent job. Of course not forgetting the spectators and friends who have always been there to support us. Thanks also to our sponsors DHL Madagascar, auto detailing studio, Haute zone Madagascar and O ́Loft Antanimena for their trust. I encourage you to come and see us and we will do our utmost to give you some show.