Sunday, October 17, 2021

Madagascar’s 18 year Mika Rasoamaromak makes statement in Antsirabe

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The 18 year old Mika Rasoamaromaka who started rallying at age of 14 in Madagascar, on Sunday 17th July 2021 walked his talk after winning the Malagasy NRC round 2.

Mika the son to active rally driver “Herilalaina Rasoamaromaka” confidently told Hapasport before the event how positive he is towards the season, despite dropping out from the first NRC round of Rallye ASACM with sensor issues on his Peugeot 208 T16

Co-driven by Fafah Rasata, Mika unleashed form and class in vakinankaratra rally to beat his competitors Rivo and Sitraka who finished 2nd and 3rd respectively.

Mika’s twin brother Faniry who was a threat driving a Peugeot 206wrc hit a jump hard on day one in the last stage only to damage the radiator and retired.
Even after restarting in rally 2, Faniry’s Peugeot caught fire in the morning stage fortunately it was put off before any serious damage and called it a quit.

“This Peugeot 208 T16 is rather an opportunity than a choice because it’s my dad’s car, he gave me a chance to participate with it this season.
So this season I want to do my best and will try to get the best positions.” Mika told Hapasport earlier.

“I think for the moment I don’t have a real threat, thanks to God I have parents who can make it possible for me to participate.
I thank all my sponsors and all the fans who encourage us.” Mika added.

Mika made history in Madagascar being the youngest driver to win the NRC round, just as Kalle Rovanpera a young Finnish to ever win a WRC round at 20 years of age in Estonia over the same weekend.

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