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Saturday, November 28, 2020
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Yassin Nasser for double NRC championships in 2021, targets Tanzania and Uganda


Ugandan champion crew of 2019 Yassin Nasser and Ali Katumba are dreaming big.
The Moil petroleum sponsored crew is now sightseeing the Tanzania’s NRC as a possible mission after winning the Ugandan.

The Subaru GVB crew is slowly uping up their game to stamp authority across East Africa and to prove it, participation in most of prestigious events across the region has become a priority.

After the launch of their second rally car another Subaru GVB nicknamed (GVB Junior), the crew is targeting TNRC and UgNRC using different cars.

Moil RT launching GVB Junior, photo by Innocent Mutaawe

According to Ali Katumba the co-driver when addressing a certain media, was quoted saying “we launched another car and yes we want to be more competitive, the team will be doing two championships in 2021 that’s Tanzania and Uganda though the focus might be on Tanzania as our priority.

“The GVB JR. will be based in Tanzania then senior in Uganda purposely for international events, but the sponsor still will determine where they want us to put force and efforts. Meaning shall do selected events in Uganda if the sponsor stands by Tanzania”.

Moil Rally team has done a number of East African events, though always have encountered issues only to limit their performance and expectations.
The recent ones in this year 2020 were both legs of Guru Nanak rallies Kenya and Tanzania, where he finished 8th and 13th respectively.
On both occasions(Kenya)he nearly got time bad after getting stack in the mud for a while,yet Tanzania it was fuel pump issues.

Rallye de Ngozi postponed to later date, CAB member Didier passed on


The federation of Club Automobile du Burundi with regrets has announced the postponement of scheduled 5th edition of Rallye de Ngozi on 4-6th December 2020, to a further date to be announced later.

The decision came as a result from the unexpected death of Didier Niyokindi, a member of executive committee of Club Automobile du Burundi who passed on early sunday at KAREN Hospital.

Didier Niyokindi R.I.P

The bulletin Hapasport received reads“ Following the unexpected death of Mr Didier NIYOKINDI a Member of the Club’s Executive Committee on November 22, 2020 in Nairobi, the Burundi Automobile Club announces postponement of the Ngozi Province Rally initially scheduled for December 5-6 to a later date. And signed by the committee executive of Club Automobile of Burundi.

The event is expected to host international drivers from Tanzania, Uganda, DR Congo, Kenya and Rwanda if non will reverse their decisions.

The Difference Between A rally Driver and Navigator


Tips from Abdul Sidi Rally academy (ASRA).

Rally Driver is the owner of the car and remains loyal to it to the end…..

Navigator is a passenger in the car, who can be off-loaded at anytime of the competition…

Rally Driver makes one mistake, destroys his car….goes out – buys a new car….and carries on with his love for the sport as if nothing happened…

Navigator makes one mistake…. may not get another chance with same driver. May never get another good driver, who would not want to carry a ‘risky’ item….

In short, the performance of a navigator is gauged at the end of every meter, kilometer, stage and rally…You survive one rally you were a good navigator for that rally…

The risks of being a good navigator in one rally and bad in the next event are QUICK and VERY HIGH….

By forgetting to call a Triple Caution Drift within one meter of the 800 kilometer rally, puts an end to the life of a Navigator’s rallying career….The word ‘flies’ out there….

A Navigator is like a ‘lady’ looking for the right husband….Husband wants a lady whose record is IMMACULATE…

With all due respect, a Navigator should always wait to step down or retire gracefully from the sport before he or she can start ‘Bragging or Showing off’’ about self accomplishment.

Drivers have no worries about their accomplishments…theirs is supported by the heavy financial investment they put into the sport for the purposes of seeking personal glory and satisfaction.

As previously said, big kudos to the drivers for investing massively into the sport, thus also doing big favors to the navigators who enjoy the sport at their benefits…..

Thus, No Navigator should demand or lay conditions in order to navigate a particular driver unless one is involved professionally in the sport

At the Abdul Sidi Rally Academy, it does not cost anyone to learn the art of navigating…

There are over 60 competitors in the KNRC originating from ASRA. Proven champions.

Part of the Qualifications of a Good Navigator is to be Mentally and physically fit, be Polite, Humble, Respectful, stay away from certain drinks and be Able to work with ALL…..

Any rebelliousness would reflect on the Driver and His Team…..

I thank the Sport and my Drivers for where I am today……

Obviously, it would never have happened if I did not follow the above code of conduct 🙂

In my opinion mutual respect is very important. I must say I had been very lucky

I would not be on this platform without the support of the following drivers. They are always in my prayers:


  1. Gafoor Haji
  2. Peter Hays
  3. Mohamed Saleh
  4. Fazal Butt
  5. Azar Anwar
  6. Sammy Aslam
  7. Patrick Njiru
  8. Maroc Brighetti
  9. Susheel Shah
  10. Gregoire de Mevius (FIA World GrN Champ- Belgium)
  11. John Ngunjiri
  12. Maj-Gen Charlie Mwanzia
  13. Wachira Waruru (Citizen TV)
  14. Phineas Kimathi
  15. Rory Green
  16. Satwant Singh (8times ARC Champ – Zambia)
  17. Bimal Shah
  18. Babu Kaka (Swan Carriers)
  19. Najmi Kassim
  20. Ayub Ibrahim
  21. Raju Limbani
  22. Asad Anwar
  23. Akbar Sidi
  24. Ampritpal Suri.
  25. Nishit Shah
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Fred Busuulwa’s 2020 championship hopes posed, FMU extends calender to 2021


Not the best news for Uganda’s NRC leader after circulating information shows that, the points scored in the year 2020 before covid 19 breakout will recarry to 2021 sporting year calendar.

The Subaru N10 driver took the lead from the two events done on the calendar, scoring 130 points in total after Mbarara and Jinja rallies respectively to set sights on the title.

Unfortunately,.. his dream will be a long wait after suggestions by the competition’s committee to extend the calendar to 2021, is considered by the Motorsports governing body (FMU).

Lubwama Jamil a one member of the competition’s committee stretched to Hapasport that “the competition’s committee and the sporting commission borrowed and based on CAMS decision of re-carrying ARC points of 2020 to 2021 and as a result, Bandama rally won’t appear on the calendar, so is Mbarara and jinja rallies on our NRC”.

“So far the stakeholders of my club (CMC) are all in support with this draft calendar, however we’ve not heard anything from other clubs yet, its been hard to follow the SOPs this year and hopefully we will be in position to organize events by March” added Jamil.

Officially the press release will be issued anytime by the FMU regarding the decision.

Burundi’s biggest event Rallye de Ngozi is back with offers to participants


Valery Bukera at Rallye de Ngozi 2019 winner

Premiered in 2014, the event has gained status so quickly in the region hence attracting international competitors to spice it up.

Despite the covid 19 pandemic putting on hold of all sporting activities around the globe, the Club Automobile du Burundi (CAB) stood the ground to organize the 5th edition of this event and scheduled on from 4-6th December.

The scrutineering will take place on 4th and recce as day two on 5th the competition will start from Gashikanwa, to tackle 12 stages before the super special stage on Sunday 6th to announce the winner at Hotel Ruhuka in Ngozi.

Club Automobile du Burundi will offer any competitors wishing to participate in the event with fuel, 200ltrs, 1 drum of Avigas and accommodation for the crew for 3 days at Ruhuka hotel.
The requirements from international competitors will only be a verified covid 19 free/ negative certificate from the ministry of health of thier respective countries, though there will another one hour conducted tests at the border post before entering Burundi.

If COVID19 results are positive ,the quarantine costs will be met by the competitor not the federation note that!!

The deputy secretary of (CAB) and event C.O.C Negamiye Adon told Hapasport that “In this period of COVID19 , we have managed to host a rally thanks to our CMO and the ASN authorities who have been working hand in hand with the local authorities ( Ministry of Health). We also take this opportunity to inform the foreign crews that they will be allowed to enter Burundi borders after showing a negative COVID19’s PCR test taken 72 hours before traveling and on top of that , another test (100usd/pers) will be conducted at the entrance of Burundi borders”.

Muna Singh jr at Rallye de Ngozi 2019

About international competitors Adon added that “the Rallye de Ngozi is one of the great rally , known in the region since 2014 . This rallye has hosted crews from Belgium , Rwanda , Zambia , DRC , etc.. This year we are expecting to host new guests from Kenya , Tanzania , Uganda and Rwanda . Unfortunately, Muna Singh Jr. has told us officially that the team has sold the 2 Subarus and they can not make it for this year”.

The event will run a total distance of 275.04km but only 160.80km competitive.

Kenyans shook off covid dust in style at Guru Nanak rally 2020


Karan Patel was too good for Guru Nanak rally as fellow Kenyans humbled Tanzanians.
The one day event in Munduli Tanzania went under control by Kenyans from the start, putting home boys on sword at their own backyard.

Drama came so early when Gupal Sandhu co-driven by Dave Sihoka retired in the very first stage yet the crew are the TNRC table leaders, only later Shehzad Munge and Veer Darbar rolling their Mitsubishi Evo 9 in stage 2 though escaped unhurt.

As if it wasn’t enough…the Skoda proto driven by Gurjit Singh and Riyaz Ismail went on fire towards the end of stage 3 though it was put off but the crew was all fine and forced to retire.

Karan Patel and Tauseef Khan driving a Ford Fiesta R5 beat everyone from the start to the end to win the event clocking 1:07:36 and followed by Ian Duncan and Sehmi Taj driving a Nissan Patrol NP300 clocking 1:09:08. Randeep Singh Birdi and Zubayr Predina the only Tanzanian crew, completed the podium in 3rd position driving a Mitsubishi Evo 9 clocking 1:12:13.

Excited Karan remarked after the event,..“I am very happy to have won the rally for the second time though this time it was in a different car and with a different navigator. The Ford Fiesta went very well leading from start to finish. Well done to my new navigator, Tauseef Khan. I first won the rally in 2018 in a Mitsubishi Lancer Evo10 with James Mwangi. We are in the right moods to celebrate an excellent victory.”

Hamza Anwar who debut his Subaru GVB scoped the 4th position and Kavisi Evans too came 5th to make it four Kenyan screws in the top 5 after Hussein Malik retirement.

The lone crew from Uganda of Yassin Nasser and Ali Katumba had a bad outing after thier Subaru GVB got a hiccup in stage 1 which nearly forced them out of the event, though fought back to finish 13th.
The event which had 21 entries only 14 made it to the final Flying Finish and 7 retirements.

Kenya and Ugandan champions Tundo and Yassin to invade Tanzania in Guru Nanak Rally


The Guru Nanak rally Tanzania 2020 has attracted a number of stars from East Africa and seems it will be epic.
Scheduled on 8th November, all eyes will be on the Tanzania’s version of Guru Nanak to be held in Arusha, though Kenya too always stage an event with a similar name.

Kenyan 5 time safari winner Carl “flash” Tundo will be out to tackle the event in his formidable Mitsubishi Evo x, co~driven by Tim Jossep and his target is to try a win.
The team Top fry driver talked to Hapasport and remarked ”I showed interest in doing Guru Nanak Yes, and I have always wanted to do Arusha rally as have done some of the routes in the classic and they were fun” said Tundo.

“We will go have fun and try to win,….I’m sure everyone is as frustrated as I am that there are limited events, (especially here in Kenya) – patience and hopefully the organising bodies work out how to put on events with COVID around so we can get back to rallying. In the meantime stay safe” added Tundo.

Same to the Ugandan champion crew 2019 Yassin Nasser and Ali Katumba who have transited their Subaru GVB enroute Arusha already.
The Moil team co~driver Ali Katumba in his words said, “We shall be doing the Guru Nanak rally as one of our testing rounds in preps for the 2021 season. We are all set and ready to rumble”.

The event has attracted more foreign entries especially from Kenya like Ian Duncan the 10 time winner of Guru Nanak Kenyan version, and among others are Karan Patel who will be out with a Ford fiesta R5 and Hussein Malik in the Mitsubishi Evo x and Hamza Anwar who will debut his newly built Subaru GVB

The one day event will tackle a total distance of 215.38km and its the 4th round of Tanzania National Rally championship.

Rally Monza joins 2020 FIA WRC calendar as Argentina exit 2021 sporting year


Rally Monza joins 2020 FIA WRC calendar as Argentina exit 2021 sporting year!!

According to the press release from WRC, its confirmed that ACI Monza Rally will run as the final round of FIA WRC to wrap up the season.
As Monza has been ushered in on the calendar, it’s not clear if Ypres Rally of Belgium will run or be cancelled.

The uncertainty health situation and limited movements in Belgium has thrown speculation to several medias before FIA came out to add Monza Rally as the closing round. The event to Italian asphalt encounter which will run from 4 – 6th December and decide the world champion of troubled 2020.

The event will be based at the famous Autodromo Nazionale de Monza race circuit near Milan, in the north of the country.

Traditionally an end-of-season celebration event contested by both rally and track racing experts, the Monza Rally has been won on seven occasions by MotoGP legend Valentino Rossi.
WRC stars to taste success there include Dani Sordo in 2010 and 2013, nine-time world champion Sébastien Loeb in 2011 and Robert Kubica in 2014.

WRC Promoter managing director Jona Siebel said the rally would provide an exciting challenge for competitors.
“As the final round of the championship, there’s a strong chance both the drivers’ and manufacturers’ WRC titles could go right down to the wire on Monza’s roads.

“The WRC prides itself on rewarding rallying’s best all-round driver across multiple terrains and varied conditions. This type of rally is rare in our championship but will provide a thrilling finale to an unpredictable year,” he added.

FIA Rally Director Yves Matton said confirming an eighth round for the series in such complex times was a reward for the efforts and hard work of all involved to ensure valuable titles for the 2020 championship.

Meanwhile; Argentina will also not feature on the 2021 WRC calendar and only hope to bounce back in 2022 if can be reoccupied.

The ACA sports commission president Carlos Garcia Remohi broke the news on Friday, further stretched that
“ It is a difficult decision. However I understand that the pandemic that broke into the planet changed many this. I aspire that this circumstance can be reversed and re occupied in 2022 calendar”.

Ugandan Enduro Rider Living His Dream in South Africa


Oscar Pascal Massango is a ,is a Mozambican born yet raised in Uganda enduro rider plying his trade in South Africa where he has spent several years. The rider who rides a 2020 model Husqvarna enduro bike coached by Neil Van Der Ross is making a name for himself in South Africa, although he is not widely known back home in Uganda. Hapasports’ Robert Nkolo recently caught up with him and asked him a few questions. Below are excerpts of the wide-ranging interview;

Hapasport: Can you please walk through your motorcycling journey, how you picked up interest? Got involved and started racing?

  • Oscar: I got very interested in motorcycles as a young boy growing up in Masaka Uganda. I used to go and watch motorcycle races whenever they came around town, sometimes I had no money to pay the entry fees so I and my friends climbed trees and anthills to get a glimpse of the riders.
    So around 2005, an old friend of mine called DJ Samli used to hang around a motorcycle club owned by one JB and he used to take me along and that’s when I started getting closer. One day there was supposed to a race on Mbarara road but the riders from Kampala never showed up and I got my opportunity to ride that day. I did not even know how to properly change gears but I rode anyway and even though I was removed after two rounds, it was the best experience of my life and it stayed with me ever since.
    Even after I relocated to South Africa I was still into motorcycles and would constantly discuss motorcycles, go to watch races and even remember going to watch the Ugandan national team when they came to SA. After a while I bought an 85cc Suzuki Off Road bike and started riding it for fun. One day a spectator approached me and asked me if I was interested in joining a team and doing this professionally.
    That gentleman introduced me to Nic Goslar the managing director of Men’s Clinic International – who had a riding team. This is how I joined this team and after extensive training and hard work I am now a valued member of this team.
courtesy Photo

Hapasport: So how has the going been since you joined the team?

  • Oscar: When I joined the team, I was just riding for fun and now I am part of a competition team. I had to start learning everything about enduro and training very hard. It took me seven months of training before I was even able to take part in my first competitive race. I started in the bottom classes which even included women and I finished last in my first race. I was very disappointed in my performance but my manager, my coach, and my teammates were very encouraging and told me not to give up and that I will get better.
    I continued to train, race, train, and race some more. Eventually, I made my way up the ranks and I am now in the E2 classes – which is for the most skilled riders. I have not yet won this class because the competition is incredibly tough but I am competing favorably against the best and getting podium finishes.

Hapasport: Do you have any plans to come race in Uganda?

  • Oscar: My roots are in Uganda and I will definitely be coming. I was already planning to do something in Uganda this year but due to the global pandemic, those plans are on hold and we shall see what is possible after the situation gets better.

Hapasport: Any last words/words of advice/acknowledgements?

  • Oscar: Any aspiring rider needs to be flexible and take what opportunities they get. My dream was to be an MX rider but my opportunities took me on a different path that is equally rewarding. I still train in MX as well and If the need arises I could easily cross over.
    I would like to thank my team, my sponsors, fans, friends and well-wishers. Thank you for the opportunities.
    Special thanks to Nic Goslar, Neil van der Ross, Men’s Clinic International, Motorsport South Africa, TrickBitzCC, ArietOfficial, Bikers Warehouse, WaynFarmer, MikePuzy, Thormx.
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Bisanirizo Rally Team Ready Up for 2021 season


The team of three crews is not resting at all, rather getting ready to fly come 2021. Comprising of Fred Ssenkumba “a 2WD champion”, Jackson Sserwanga, and Isaac Ssozi who is currently upgrading to a Subaru N8 STI, the team aims to fly higher than before.

Talking to the team long-serving co-driver Mwambazi Lawrence, these were his remarks
“We’re focusing on 2021 me and Isaac Ssozi, we have a new powerful car the Subaru N8 STI upgrading from the GC8 and hopefully it’s going to perform, Mwambazi told hapasport

“In BRT any of us can call notes to anyone who decides to drive and most people have been asking why am I crossing to Isaac, its because we’re one team. If Fred is not driving, he can call notes to Jackson and that’s how we do it”.

“If we get more events this year to finish the season I will still come back with Jackson in our Toyota Run x as the preparations for 2021 goes on and switch to the N8 with Isaac in 2021 and as you can see our service truck is here too”. “And soon Jackson will upgrade to a more powerful car switching from the current Run x though its new here and one of its kind”, added Mwambazi.

The BRT service van