Thursday, July 29, 2021

Nasser Kirunda donates rally car to Uganda Co-driving Academy

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The rally and co-driver Nasser Kirunda, has boosted the racers spirits after donating his former Subaru GC8 rally car to Uganda Rally Co-drivers Academy.

The academy proprietor Musa Nsubuga received the car from Nasser on Tuesday, and it was a give back to the academy where he started his career as a student in navigation classes before turning out to be a driver.

“I must say I was lucky to be among the first students in the Co drivers academy, to understand writing, calling and interpretation of the pace notes, thanks to Musa, Hussein, Cedric, Eddie Mukiibi, Musaazi, Umar Kakande, Suzan Kalema, Enock Olinga, Sam Mugisha, Leon, Joseph Kamya and any other senior co-driver that offer free lessons and your selflessness in the academy, said Kirunda.

“With that background, and the fact that there are so many fans out there that wanna join the sport, I decided to gift the gc8 to the academy to facilitate the lessons.
That’s my small contribution to the sport ensure more professional competitors,” added Kirunda.

“Piggy Piggy [the previously used car] was becoming so unreliable and Mr Nasser Kirunda decided to donate to the Academy a car for practicals and Yassin Nasser picked it, thanks to both of them, said Musa Nsubuga.

The academy is run by longtime co-driver Musa Nsubuga given a hand by other senior co-drivers, and lessons are free of charge.


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  1. How do i join the academy?,am so interested but this is the first time am seeing this page n thanks to all those hu have given in there whole hearted commitiment to the academic,may God reward u abardantly

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