Thursday, July 29, 2021

New location identified for future Rally Sweden

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The Jämtland Motor Club says it has submitted an application for the Swedish World Rally Championship to the country’s motorsport association. The city of Östersund is proposed as the new center of the rally.

 Jämtland always has snowy and icy road conditions in the winter, says Thomas Fuchs, chairman of the Jämtland Motor Club, in the release. According to Fuchs, there are 950 kilometers of roads and at least three different route options within a 60 km radius of Östersund for the rally.

This comes after the Swedish World Rally championship round was reduced to just nine special stages just over a month ago, as there was hardly any snow or ice in the special stages.  the organizers were warned by Jean Todt, president of the FIA ​​International Automobile and WRC chiefs after the rally that the event had to be guaranteed winter conditions.

In the province of Värmland, the snow situation has been tense for several years before the Swedish Rally. This year the situation was really bad.

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