Monday, July 26, 2021
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XDRIVE opening excites people, It’s more than a gaming center

The XDrive MOTORSPORT SIMULATOR UG is one of a kind in East if not the whole of Africa, softly opened on 12th December following...

Uganda to get another multi-motorsports arena

Uganda to get another multi-motorsports arenaHapasport understands there's a new project of constructing a multi-motorsports arena kicking off soon, and before 2020 collapses the...

The return of Terminator; Subaru considering return to hybrid WRC in 2022.

That Subaru will return to the WRC World Rally Championship in 2022. Such rumors have been reported in various media, but it may be...

Is it a Rally come_back For Karim Hijir ”

By Rob StylesThe former three times Uganda National rally Champion Karim Hirji who went in sabbatical after a fatal accident in pearl...

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