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TGR Team Manager JM Latvala explains YARIS WRC Rally car Early Appearance in Kenya

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Why has the Toyota Yaris WRC rally car already been spotted in Kenya?

Twitter user “Kipchesi” tweeted a picture of a wooden container with a Toyota Yaris WRC inside in 2020 livery late Sunday. The user wrote a question in connection with the picture, which he addressed to Toyota gazoo racing test driver Juho Hänninen .

– This has just been seen in Kenya. Is this your job, sir?

The image caused confusion and sparked speculation on social media and forums. Is Toyota starting testing at the Safari Rally, which is on the World Series program at the end of June? Did a local Driver hire out WRC spec car for safari?

The picture and question also reached Hänninen on Monday morning. The Punkaharju resident acknowledged the situation in his humorous style.

– It’s finally there! Yes, I packed it and made the box myself. In fact, I am now cutting trees so I can build a box for Kalle’s car, Hänninen tweeted

Rallit.fi a finished electronic Motorsport website reached Hänninen, who has nothing to do with the car in the picture. but Toyota team manager Jari-Matti Latvala instead offered an official explanation.

– It’s not a race car. This is a demo car, Latvala told Rallit.fi.

The car in the picture has thus been transported to Kenya for the show before the Safari Rally returns to the World Series. The Safari Rally is scheduled to take place this year from 24-27th. June. though there are still dark clouds hovering over the rally, as last week all sporting events in Kenya were put on break due to the corona