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The FIA has reveal ambitious global talent trace for Rally Drivers

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The world motorsport governing body_Federation Internationale de l’Automobile  FIA has revealed global ambitious talent detection operation initiative.


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The world motorsport governing body_Federation Internationale de l’Automobile  FIA has revealed global ambitious talent detection operation initiative.

It’s the first time the Fia is setting a proper global talent trace program the project dubbed “Rally Stars, is for both male and female to show case their abilities in hope of securing a rallying career.

The Rally star initiative platform will help young talent age (yet to be
defined by fia) display their skills and providing them with the opportunity to evolve and acquire new techniques that will turn them into distinguished world class Rally drivers and future world rally champions.

Drivers like Nicolas Bernardi, Bryan Bouffier, Two of the greatest champions of the 21st century, the nine times world rally champion Sébastien Loeb and the six time world rally champion Sebastian Ogier  among others have been cast onto the world stage through a similar talent detection operation programe contacted by Rallye Jeunes FFSA.  The FFSA is platform formed in 1994 by the French Federation of Motor Sport, supported by the French Ministry of Sports and M-Sport company that helps in identifying young drivers, throughout France and Overseas, in order to make them discover motorsport and more particularly rally.

M-sport sponsored car during Coughing sessions  at Rallye jeunes Photo: Rallye Jeunes FFSA

The program will be organized on national level by ASNs. after which the
successful candidates from Europe, African North America, South America and Middle East will compete at the continental final., whilst six contestants will be chosen from each of the finals plus one female driver and the successful drivers will be given a full year of training and testing while contesting six to eight national and regional rallies in Europe.

At the end of one year course The best three drivers will them go to a two
year programe in Junior World Rally championship. And if any of The drivers wins the Junior world rally championship title they will be handed the keys to a brand new R5.

The FIA’s Regional Rally Category Manager who also doubles as the Rally Star initiative project leader Jerome Roussel told Autosport The FIA is developing a Rally Star toolkit for distribution to national ASNs.

Jérôme Roussel, FIA Regional Rally Category Manager

“We have 140 ASNs, and 51 of them run international rallies,” said
Roussel.”What we’re building is the toolkit which will show the local governing bodies how to run a FFSA Rallye Jeunes-style selection process.

“It will instruct the ASN in how to set out the competition, how to run
it if you have this much space or how to do it if you only have a limited area.

“It explains how many marshals you need and how to run the timekeeping
side of the event.

“It’s very simple and a very quick way to sample the first round of the
potential drivers.

“Like we said, it’s vital to make a big sample and get as many young
men and ladies in as possible – the bigger sample, the more chance we have of finding the really good one.”

The program will be introduced to the ASNs in June and then work towards the first intake will follow as soon as possible”.

The Rally star initiative funds come from FIA fund for innovation. But FIA
is lobbying for partnership.

Pirelli, the WRC’s single-tyre supplier from next season, is likely to be involved in what is emerging as a modern day equivalent to the Pirelli Star Driver programme, a scheme which current world champion Tanak was part of in 2010.

FIA rally director Yves Matton said: “We have looked at both Rallye Jeunes and Pirelli Star Driver and what is new in the motorsport world.

“We have is a mix of these things; we link them to the current generation and give them global relevance.

“The selection [process] must be different if we’re going to Africa, Europe or Asia and this is what we do – we make it more straightforward.

“This is exciting, it’s the first time the FIA has had a proper global talent programme.

“We introduce this to the ASNs in June and then work towards the first intake as soon as possible.”

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