Andreas Mikkelsen has been undecided about his future knowing that Hyundai may not participate in the 2022 WRC. The WRC2 Skoda driver believes that if Hyundai is not in jeopardy his WRC seat: “I keep my options open, but if Hyundai is not It’s in 2022 there will be even fewer cars and more drivers, so it will be difficult to get a seat, “Mikkelsen told Autosport.

I spoke with Malcolm Wilson and Richard Millener for 2021 and we were close to reaching an agreement, but Skoda made me a better offer with Toksport. Now I can compete for more rallies and with a winning car ”.
“I hope Hyundai continues in the WRC with Ford and Toyota,” Mikkelsen said hopefully, although the latest statements by Andrea Adamo leave his participation in the air. Mikkelsen praised Toyota, dropping his interest: “I think they definitely have the fastest car and I think the new Yaris would suit my driving style perfectly .”
And it is that the Skoda driver shuffles possibilities, or rather tries to attract the big brands to compete in the WRC: ” Ford is also creating a new car and it would be good to be part of that project, especially in its development,” he also said about Ford. “I’ve been in a lot of different cars and I know what it takes to make one fast and easy to drive,” he added.
Mikkelsen’s goal is to “get back to the WRC” by playing a full season.”Could you see me at the Fiesta WRC sometime this year?” Mikkelsen asked himself, “Yes, it can happen,” he replied. “I also think that the Hyundai i20 has changed quite a bit since I drove it last time and it has gone in the direction that I wanted, so it would be good to test that car again.”
Mikkelsen’s contract with Skoda Motorsport allows him to be with a different brand for the next 11 months in the top flight of the WRC, something he continues to work on and, from what we see, is willing to drive any of the big three factories.