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The top 5 Most Exciting Newcomers in NRC Uganda Series This Season

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By Rob Styles

Who else is counting down the days until the new season begins? With a wealth of upcoming talented drivers in the Ugandan National Rally championship (NRC) it’s hard to know which NRC Driver to focus on. Who will be the hot item of this Season

Some of the drivers that are featuring on our “top 5 Most Exciting Newcomers in NRC Uganda 2020 Season” those to watch in are newcomers to the championship, others are looking to follow up breakout seasons.

In the Hapa-Sport short series of the five drivers to watch in 2020 NRC season, Lets start with we  the return of “the flying Mike”

1 – Reintroducing Captain Mike Mukula

Captain Mike Mukula in yellow during preparation test on 2nd February 2020

Captain Mike Mukula a pilot by profession, started rallying way back in late 80s up to early 90s, and he was known in the fraternity for driving art of state rally cars.

Among the brands he drove were the Nissan PA10, Toyota Corona and the very first Toyota GT4 165 in Uganda was brought in by the captain himself.

The “flying Mike” as he was nicknamed in the rally days, he last appeared at Botanical beach doing a sprint. Since then went into sabbatical to focus on business and his piloting career, however later joined politics.

He broke the shocking news of his return into competitive rallying in January and to prove his statement, he went on to reveal livery of his newly acquired two Subaru’s, the N14 which had done only one event on Ugandan soils in the hands of Kuku Ranjit, and the Subaru N12B also which has been imported from Kenya formerly owned by Eric Benji.

The two subarus during the preparation test drive.  photo: Herbie

Captain is not returning alone in the cockpit, he will introduce his son Mukula Jr to the fraternity and the boy will cruise the N12B to form a formidable team in the name of Mukula Rally Team [MRT]. The two went out on 2nd of February and tested the cars as part of training sessions, but the speeds and turns of “flying Mike” were really sending a signal to the current crop to get ready for the challenge.

Captain Mike Mukula  during test drive  with the impreza N14 and Mukula Jr testing the N12B

Hapa-Sport got Mike’s comments, “yes I am back and people are going to see fire, many of the competitors I see can’t match my speeds”.

“Am training hard, trying to learn the car, getting used to gear shifting and other stuff, then after two months from now I will announce when to compete”.

“We’re doing training in Kenya and later we shall go to UK to bolster our skills and you will see fire along with my son”

The MRT team will not be in Mbarara rally for season opener slated for February 14th – 16th but expect them soon.

Watch this space for our second episode of The top 5 Most Exciting Newcomers in NRC Uganda Series This Season….……

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