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Uganda: The new FMU board faces MAU challenge, faction demands independence


Uganda Kamapal: Just a few days spent in the office, the new board at the Federation of Motorsport Clubs of Uganda [F.M.U] already has an emergency task on the table to handle.

A faction led by rider parent Barak Orland wants a break away from the mother body of FMU and go sole as MX riders, and already formed the name under their umbrella called Motorcycling Association of Uganda [MAU].

To make matters worse, the MAU faction has gone on to organize an event on the weekend of the opening round of the national rally championship, and their event will be staged in busiika motorsports arena as the first round of MX1 championship.

Orlando confirming the event

But the new FMU president Mr. Dipu Ruparelia has warned any riders who will participate in the illegal event will face an immediate ban and might lose their competition licenses.

“FMU is the sole motorsport body that is affiliated to the national council of sports. If there is any other body that is formed, it is illegal.

“Any rider that takes part in the illegal event will have a repercussion on their licenses for future events.

“We appeal to the rider parents to keep within the federation’s rules and regulations,” added Ruparelia.

FMU needs to talk to us Nicely We are not scared

Jimmy Akena, the club president of Uganda Motocross [UMX] from which the breakaway group belongs further condemned the actions of his members.

“As the motorcycling community, we have been seeking to have the concerns raised to be addressed within the constitution and provision of the federation.

“As a club president, I am trying to ensure that we remain a united entity to work towards the promotion of motocross within the country,” said Akena.