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Uganda’s Rajiv Ruparelia to make international debut in Nakuru rally


Missing out on Ngozi rally de Burundi 2020, the RRR crew of Rajiv Ruparelia and Enoch Leroy Olinga have gotten another mission and a chance to taste Kenyan “cream de la creme” in the upcoming Nakuru rally on 20th Feb 2020.

Rajiv personally will make his international debut ever since joining rallying in April 2019, though with experienced co-driver Leroy olinga who will appear on Kenyan soils not for the first time.

The crew will sight Nakuru rally as dress rehearsals for ARC Equator rally in April and WRC safari in June.
In a VW Polo Proto, the crew will go to Kenya for reasons as Leroy told Hapasport.

“We have prepared well as we always do for any event we enter. This time probably better given the amount of time we have had without any rallying activities over a year now since Jinja NRC 2.”

“We are definitely looking at this as a great opportunity to prepare for the ARC Equator Rally as a dress rehearsal for the WRC Safari Rally as well, since we hope to be apart of its historic return to Kenya.
In the same spirit, it’s a win win situation getting to rally as we wait for the NRC calendar resumption.”

“This event gives us an opportunity to learn from the more experienced and talented competitors in Kenya. As you know, we are a young team in rallying and it’s important for us to gain as much experience as we can in order to better ourselves at the sport. And also to enjoy ourselves with no pressure to bound more as a team” Leroy said.

Asked about terrain challenges Leroy added, “The terrains are most definitely different to those we Rally on here. Understanding the technicalities of the terrain for example surface changes, gradient of the roads, sudden wild life crossing, temperatures, and the weather in general is something we focusing on in order to tackle the event successfully. It’s challenging but all round we shall gain vast experience from different terrains and I believe that’s worthwhile.”

“We applaud all our sponsors and fans that have been great.
To the sponsors, we thank each and everyone of them for they have been amazing; Ruparelia Group of Companies, Ruparelia Foundation and Meera Investments, that are behind everything that we do. We ask for more sponsors to come onboard and partner with us to build not only their brand, but Motorsport in general across all borders.”

“To the fans, we look forward to the resumption of rallying so we can get racing again and give them something to be cheerful about after the long lay off. Be sure to join and follow Rajiv Ruparelia Rally Team on all our social media platforms for updates on events.
Keep safe everyone and see you all soon.” Leroy added!

Which car will RRR team enter with in WRC Safari since proto cars won’t make entries ?? Keep it Hapasport and be sure the Rajiv Ruparelia Rally Team will enter WRC Safari.