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Volkswagen Polo GTi R5 to receive new updated suspensions parts in the spring


Baba Maxwel

There have been some here and there problems with the polo R5.

Because of the problems the VW Polo service interval was shortened to allow control systems to be tested. The cost goes entirely to the Volkswagen a data collecting center was established by VW Motorsport  to collect feedback from customers. Mid last year WV announced and offered free updates for all Polo Gti R5’s

While new chassis components are already being used by customers, a larger package of detailed improvements will be developed over the course of the year and homologated for use in competitions including the FIA World Rally Championship (WRC), FIA Regional Rally Championship,and national championships.

Volkswagen is also stepping up production to meet the huge demand – 20 percent more Polo GTI R5 than initially planned will now be built in 2020 Production will continue beyond 2020.

As is well known, if you are not moving forward, you are always moving backward in the world of motorsport,” said François-Xavier “FX” Demaison, Technical Director at Volkswagen Motorsport. “As such, it is hugely important to be constantly working on ideas and solutions for improved performance and durability. Thanks to the comprehensive feedback we receive from our customers, we have been working on updates for the Polo GTI R5 since last year and the first detailed improvements are already being delivered to customers.”

To make this possible, countless amounts of feedback from teams and drivers currently running the Polo GTI R5 in series from the Arctic Circle to Africa, and North and South America to Europe, have been collected and analysed. Volkswagen introduced a professional feedback system to make the process simpler and more direct.