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Why it’s not as hard as you think) To become a rally driver,Co-driver

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Of recent we received a big number of questions in our DM.

Who knows some of this questions might come form our feature Rally champions.

Question like, (How do i join rallying?, Where do I take rally lessons? Where can I learn the basic Rules of Rallying? , How much does rally driving lessons cost?

Today we bring for you ultimate guide from the Founder of ASRA Mr Abdul Sidi.

This guide is for anybody seriously considering rally driving as a hobby even those who want to make career out of it.

it’s easier to get into than you would think.

By Abdul Sidi

ASRA Rally course from the Beginning; The Abdul Sidi Rally Academy lessons are open to anyone who has a heart for the sport of Rallying.

In the beginning newcomers are taught the basic knowledge of the entire sport before newcomers can divide their attention.

Those who want to be trained as Rally Drivers or Navigators, they must have a valid Driving License.

Those who don’t have driving documents, can either be trained as Time Keeper, Safety Marshal, Rally Official or any other department that touches the sport.

All the tuitions fall under the same umbrella though Rally Driving Skills come later.

For those wishing to be Rally Drivers, they must have their own rally cars though skills are provided by renowned rally drivers.

A future rally driver, has to learn and understand the language of a navigator before he or she embarks on his or her rally driving ambitions.

Theory Lessons are carried out at the Ngara Sports Club in Nairobi’s South C on Saturdays only from 12noon-2pm. Directions are provided below.

Practical lessons are carried out on locations around the Athi River Portland Cement vicinity.

Learning how to run Time Controls is also done outside Ngara Sports Club.

Children under 16 years can also attend the lessons though I strongly advise them to join GP Karting for driving skills.

ASRA Lessons, which began in 2010, are provided for basically for FREE of CHARGE though students are requested to contribute a small amount of money per every visit.

For one to join:

  1. The are NO special requirements or qualifications
  2. There is NO age limit
  3. The issue of the Driving License comes at a much later stage
  4. There is no particular time set for new intakes. Just Walk In – Walk out system.
  5. Bring as many friends as you would like to.
  6. Bring along a NoteBook and Pen only.
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