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WRC Safari Rally partial road program released


Maxwell Babu

The organizers of safari rally have released partial event program It has been revealed that the competitors will be given Wednesday 15 July as practice day knows as Shakedown, a full-speed test before the start.

Here the drivers have an opportunity to feel the terrain with regard to its physical features. The competing drivers then have a chance to adjust the setup of the car according to the data they collect during Shakedown run for maximum performance according to current situations.

As a fan, this will be a good opportunity to spectate your favorite drivers at full speed several times before the competitions are even starting. for P1 driver ( Drivers in world Rally cars) Will start shakedown at 1:O4 pm will end at 3 pm Wednesday 15 July Shakedown for WRC2, WRC3, and Non- Priority Drivers Will start at 3 pm to 4 pm at Aberdare Hills, Naivasha.

After that, All Competitors will travel to Nairobi for Ceremonial Start and the Thursday Kasarani super special stage SS1.

On Thursday 16 July as early as 07:30 Drivers in world Rally cars will start Reconnaissance of Kasarani Super Special stage using their rally cars up to 09:00 Followed by Reconnaissance of the same Stage by WRC2, WRC3, and Non- Priority Drivers from 09:00 am- 11:00 am.

After the end of Kasarani Super special stage Recce, all drivers will return to Kenyatta International Convention Centre, for the ceremonial start and also to meet and greet the President at the start.

Kasarani Super special stage starts at 02:08 pm After that all Rally cars to be driven as per rally itinerary to the overnight Parc Ferme in Naivasha.