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XDRIVE opening excites people, It’s more than a gaming center


The XDrive MOTORSPORT SIMULATOR UG is one of a kind in East if not the whole of Africa, softly opened on 12th December following the SOPs, the place was flocked by rally and non-rally fraternity to give a glimpse on the state of art MOTORSPORT gaming center and indeed the masses left certified with its comfort and hospitality of staff services.

The place possesses Rally, formula 1 and Aviation motion SIMULATORS plus none motion for both VIP and ordinary masses.
Still the place has a RESTAURANT and BAR with continental foods and drinks to make choices from.

The director of XDrive Babis Fitidis came up with such an idea to get rally fraternity together and also to attract the young generation into motorsport, and by next year 2021 a championship is considered to be staged to run for the whole year as finalists will compete on a slated date in December.

Some of the attendees on 12th Dec, photo by Mutaawe

A min competition which was staged was won by Musa Mulimira and Bobo came second with prize money and coupons.
Fitidis also gave the Rally Funs Club Uganda(RFC) a green light to host any rally related activities at the venue, and this will commence soon with Rally fraternity get-togethers every Friday of the week.